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This Episode of Infinite Whoniverses was supposed to end the First Series. Well, it didn’t!

iw-14th doctor icm 4 cot

It has gone through a few changes since then. It was supposed to be second in the Third Series, I even had the Leather Jacket Marjorie Lewis gave me as the ‘costume’ for the 14th NeoGallifreyan Doctor, but when I heard she had passed away last week, I just couldn’t finish the story.  Dr. Rrr’s chocolate Invasion had been the first completed, so just switched the order round. I guess leaving it for a week made a difference, as I‘ve changed a few details, as well as ironing out the Grand Masterplan. I established in Episode 7 of Triumph of the Daleks that the STARDIS wasn’t just randomly hopping between universes and Alternate Realities just for fun, or sight-seeing, but was on a mission for Rassilon. I thought it was time a few, but…

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